Albizia julibrissin

The Mimosa, or Persian silk tree, is native to Asia, and is both cold and drought tolerant. It is a beautiful tree, normally used as an ornamental. Mimosas are most useful to the homesteader as 1) a nitrogen fixer (brings up nitrogen for nitrogen feeders, like fruit trees), and 2) bee and hummingbird food. The seedpods are poisonous, and the trees can become invasive.

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Height: 20-35 ft.
Width: 20-35 ft.
Growth rate: Fast
Sunlight: Full sun, partial shade
Soil: Any
pH: Prefers slightly acidic soil
Harvest time: n/a (blooms April-July)
Years to bear: n/a seedpods are poisonous
Pollinator: n/a

1 Gallon, 3 Gallon