Pineapple Guava


Acca (or feijoa) sellowiana

This shrub, native to South America, can grow up to 8’ tall. It is evergreen and is often used as a hedge by planting them close together. Pineapple Guava produces a fruit that has a similar taste to the guava, hence the name. They are deer and bug resistant. They don’t suffer from disease, and thrive with relatively little care.

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Height: 8-10 ft. (can grow to 15’)
Width: 6-8 ft.
Growth rate: Moderate
Sunlight: Full sun, partial shade
Soil: Prefers well-drained sandy loam, but can do light clay if not saturated
pH: Prefers slightly acidic soil
Harvest time: Fall (soft when ripe, and will fall off shrub)
Years to bear: 2-4
Pollinator: Can be self-fertile, but more successful with a companion

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