Pecan, Native


Juglandaceae Carya illinoinensis

Native Pecan trees are hardy, huge trees that produce a small, yet delicious, fruit. In the wild, they are found along creeks and rivers, as they need access to water (though they don’t like to remain wet). They need deep soil too.

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Height: 65-130 ft.
Width: 40-75 ft.
Growth rate: Moderate
Sunlight: Full sun
Soil: Prefers well-drained, deep soil. Must have access to moisture
pH: 4.3-7.5
Harvest time: November-December
Years to bear: 10-15 years (much less for grafted varierties)
Pollinator: Not self-fertile. Trees have male and female parts, but they do not bloom at the same time. They must have a pecan of a different variety to pollinate.

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