Nuc Deposit


2022 Nuc Pickup April-June

Nucleus colonies come in a vented coroplast 5 frame nuc box. Boxes are closed and designed for easy transport. Every nuc comes with a 2022 Treatment Free queen. These queens are selected for mite resistance and survival in Texas conditions without mite treatments.

We carry the Beeweaver, VSH Pol-line 2.2, Welch, and Brown’s queen lines.

50% deposit to reserve your nuc, and the remainder will be due at pick up.

Discounts available for multiple nuc orders. Contact Us for more information.

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5 Frame Nuc


Available May-June
3 frames of Brood
2 frames of Food
Marked 2022 Queen
5+ frames of bees on standard deep frames

Great for beginners!

3 Frame Nuc


Available April-May
2 frames of Brood
1 frame of Food
2 waxed plastic frames
Marked 2022 Queen
3+ frames of bees on standard deep frames

Requires experience and care to grow into a larger colony. These small colonies should fill 5 frames within a month. Great for backup or resource nucs for production hives.