Grape, Alachua (Muscadine)


¬†Vitus rotundifolia ‘Alachua’ Muscadinia

This Muscadine grape was developed at the University of Florida. It is pest and disease resistant, and can tolerate high heat. It grows at a vigorous rate and can produce for decades. Its fruit is purple/black, flavorful, and medium sized. The grape has a few seeds and slightly tough skin, great for jellies and juice.

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Height: 10-20 ft.
Width: 20 ft. between vines
Growth rate: Fast
Sunlight: Full sun, partial
Soil: Prefers well-drained sandy loam
pH: Prefers slightly acidic soil
Harvest time: July
Years to bear: Can fruit 1st year
Pollinator: Self-fertile

3 Gallon

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