Aronia Melanocarpa

Aronia, also called Chokeberry, is a deciduous shrub native to North America. It produces a berry that is considered to be a super food. It is high in vitamins and minerals, and is being rigorously studied for many medicinal properties. The fruit is a little sour and astringent when eaten raw, so it is usually added to jams, pies, shakes, wines, etc. for consumption. Suitable for zones 3-8.

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Height: 3-6 ft.
Width: 3-6 ft.
Growth rate: Moderate
Sunlight: Partial shade
Soil: Any
pH: Prefers slightly acidic soil, but tolerates mildly alkaline.
Harvest time: Mid-late summer
Years to bear: 2nd year
Pollinator: Self-fertile

1 Gallon

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