American Beautyberry


Callicarpa americana

American Beautyberry is a hardy shrub, native to southern and eastern US. It usually grows as an understory shrub, and is an excellent source of food for wildlife and pollinators. The berries are edible to humans, and different parts of the plant can be used medicinally. Its berries and foliage are showy, making is a great ornamental. It is both cold and heat tolerant, and does not require much water (leaves will droop in drought). It is one of the last native plants to leaf out in spring.

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Height: 3-6 ft.
Width: 3-6 ft.
Growth rate: Fast
Sunlight: Partial shade, can tolerate full sun
Soil: Prefers well-drained soil – sand, loam, clay
pH: Prefers neutral to acidic soil
Harvest time: n/a – Blooms May-July, berries late summer through Fall
Years to bear: n/a
Pollinator: n/a

1 Gallon, 3 Gallon